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USA Commercial Mortgages

Commercial Mortgages Are Normally Available For The Following:
  • Equipment Purchases (new or used)

  • Seasonal and Permanent Working Capital (accounts receivable and inventory)

  • Dealer Inventory (new and used cars, farm equipment, spec homes, etc.)

  • LBO (Leveraged Buy Outs)

  • MBO (Management Buy Outs)

  • EBO (Employee Buy Outs)

  • Retail

  • Offices

  • Warehouses

  • Self Storage

  • Gas Stations

  • Strip Malls

  • Casinos

  • Country Clubs

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Manufacturing plants

  • Amusement park

  • Apartments (5 units and up)

  • Mixed use properties

  • Restaurants

  • Taverns

  • Hotels

  • Motels

  • And Many Others

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Types of Commercial Mortgage Loans Typically Offered Are:
  • Lines of Credit

  • Term Loans

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans (Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied)

  • Floor Plan Lines of Credit

  • SBA Loans

  • ESOP Loans

  • USDA Loans

  • Land Development Loans

Who Can Be Financed For Commercial Mortgages:
  • Individuals

  • Manufacturers

  • Service

  • Retailers

  • Wholesalers

  • New and Used Car Dealerships

  • Start-Ups

  • Commercial Real Estate Developers

  • Residential Real Estate Develop

Loan Types Available For Commercial Mortgages:

Investor Stated Income- Stated Asset Underwriting

No employment seasoning

Fixed Rates or Adjustable Rates

15 to 30 year amortization

Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Liens, Judgments, Collections