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Sell Your Home Yourself - My 1-800 Service is Free!

I offer a 1-800 service that is beneficial to my customers who are trying to sell their home without a realtor. If you are trying to sell your home on you own there are some issues that you should think about.

  • Realtors are constantly calling to encourage you to list your property.
  • LookiLous are driving around to see what homes are selling for. They really don’t plan to buy. They’d much rather deal with you, the homeowner, as compared to talking with a realtor.
  • Neighbors are curious about your asking price and call at the oddest hours.
  • The wife and/or kids are home alone and someone knocks on the front door wanting to see it now. Do you really want them in your home when you’re not home and without an appointment?
  • You’re out of town and gone for the weekend. How do you talk with those people who called while you’re gone?

What my 1-800 sign offers the prospective buyer is a way to retrieve information about your home without talking to you or your family directly. Most people just are trying to see if what they are looking for is what you are selling. The 1-800 service solves most all the above issues.

  • It’s 24/7 recording describes the home with it’s features and benefits.
  • It tells them not to knock on the door unless they have an appointment.
  • It gives them the option of pressing zero at anytime during the recording to be connected directly to a phone number of your choice to set an appointment or answer any addition questions.
  • It captures the caller’s name and phone number and emails it directly to you for follow-up contact at a time convenient to you.
  • It eliminates the unwanted calls at odd hours.
  • It gets rid of realtors, lookilous and curious neighbors.

I provide this service to you at no charge. My only interest is to have the opportunity to finance the home for the new owner. If the prospective buyer elects to use some other company to finance the home then there is no charge for the service. As an incentive to use me, I will pay up to $500 of yours or your buyer’s closing costs. I believe this to be a win win opportunity and look forward to hearing from you.

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